1. DMR And How We Can Help Your Chronic Pain

    The DMR Method is something that we, at Blaine Health & Wellness in Blaine, pride ourselves in treating our patients with. We love this treatment plan because it's effective and doesn’t require unnecessary surgery. We have taken the direct method to manage your conditions and rehabilitate you back to your full mobility and potential. We don’t want you to harm your body with surgery, and or…Read More

  2. How Your Desk Job Affects Your Health

    Your desk job can be harmful for your body in a variety of ways.  The average adult in the United States spends almost eight hours a day sitting in front of a desk. While sitting all the time may not put obvious stress on your body, it can lead to many health issues. The following is a list from our chiropractor in Blaine of a few of the many negative consequences of sitting at a desk all day: #1…Read More

  3. The Surprising Benefits of Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic care goes far beyond treating back pain.  Most people only go to the chiropractor in Blaine for back pain treatment. While chiropractic care is certainly effective for treating back pain, there are many benefits to regular chiropractic care, even if you don't have back pain. Many of the benefits of chiropractic care may even surprise you! The following is a list of a few of those sur…Read More