Physical therapy may be seen as a type of repair that fixes a muscle you’ve damaged. But, did you know you don’t need a physical therapist by your side only when you damage your body? Physical therapists can provide a lot more to a person’s body than just healing for  injuries: They can provide relief from medical conditions and illnesses that limit a person’s ability to function and move. For people who are looking to better the overall function of their body, physical therapy may be for you.

Why physical therapy is great…

Each physical therapy program is different and will be tailored to your specific needs. It’s performed as a one-on-one appointment to help you return to a level of functionality you’ve previously had. We encourage our clients to stay active to prolong a healthy lifestyle and are here to help prevent further injury. Furthermore, if you’re curious as to why physical therapy is so important, keep reading.

Top 10 Benefits of Physical Therapy

1. Eliminate or reduce pain.

No one should have to live in pain, and therapeutic exercises in addition to manual therapy techniques will help to mobilize soft tissue. Techniques used in sessions may include taping, ultrasound or electrical stimulation. Physical therapy can help restore joint and muscle function and relieve pain. These therapies have also been known to prevent pain from returnin

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2. Avoid surgery.

Who really wants to be put under for surgery when there is a more natural way to heal? Physical therapy helps to heal and eliminate pain from an injury which means surgery may not always be the best answer. Even when you need to get surgery, and when you couple your healing time with PT, you’re likely to bounce back from surgery stronger and in better shape than before you went under the knife. Plus, if you avoid surgery, you’ll be avoiding all expensive healthcare costs.

3. Improve mobility.

Whether you’re having trouble walking, moving or standing – and no matter your age – physical therapy can help you. During every physical therapy appointment, stretching and strengthening will take place, helping to restore your ability to move freely. Additionally, if you do need extra help standing or walking with a medical assistive device, such as a cane or crutches, a PT can fit you properly.

4. Stroke recovery.

It’s common to lose function and mobility to some degree after you have a stroke. The help of a physical therapist can strengthen weakened parts of your body. Plus, you’ll be able to improve your balance and gait. Having the ability to transfer weight and move around your home is vital to living an independent lifestyle, and a physical therapist can help.

5. Injury recovery.

If you’ve been injured at the gym or during a recent sports game, a physical therapist can help you heal. Recovery from an injury is never fun, but a physical therapist makes it more manageable and in some instances, faster. A physical therapist understands how a sports injury happens, and many athletes experience specific types of injuries, such as stress fractures. By designing the appropriate recovery plan for each client individually, you’ll be able to return to the gym or your sport through speedy recovery with a PT.

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