Part of living a healthy lifestyle is living an active one. Running, biking, dancing, and so many other sports keep us moving, and keep us healthy. But unfortunately, these activities come with their own risks that can interrupt our healthy lifestyles. Blaine Health & Wellness has treated a host of sports injuries with our premier physical therapy services. We’ve assembled a short list of some of the most common sports injuries we treat with physical therapy.

Torn Ligaments And Tendons

Not only are these sports injuries common, they’re also intensely painful. Torn, or strained, ligaments and tendons are often found in athletes who play high contact sports like football, hockey, rugby, and boxing. These ligaments have been stretched beyond their normal range of function. For instance, if a football player is tackled, and the opposing player hits his legs, it might cause the ligaments around his knee to stretch and tear away from the bone.


Tendinitis is an inflammation or irritation of the tendons, the cords that keep your muscles to your bones. This injury is caused by repetitive, low impact motions of a certain area of the body, or from a sudden injury. Because of this, tendonitis is common in people who only participate in sports in a brief, but intense manner, like those on a weekly baseball team. These injuries can also manifest in non-athletes as well. Even something as innocuous as gardening can lead to tendonitis in the shoulders and elbows.

Lower Back Pain

Back pain can be the product of a wide variety of related injuries and incidents. A herniated disc, for example, can be related to a fall a rock climber took, where they landed on their back. It could also stem from falling off of a bicycle or skateboard. In this case, a disc that separates your vertebrae has “slipped” and forces itself against the nerves clustered in the spine nearby. This can cause shooting pain up and down the spine, and also manifests as feelings of weakness and numbness in the extremities like arms and legs.

Our Physical Therapy Method

The risk of these injuries shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your favorite sports. Especially when you know you have the support network of Blaine Health and Wellness there to keep you healthy if you do get hurt. Our treatment methods focus on ensuring that your physical functions are maintained at their pre-injury level. By gently moving the injured joints, massaging the damaged tissues, and practicing a series of therapeutic exercises, we can reduce the pain you experience from an injury, improve your mobility, and get you back on the playing field.

It’s all part of our DMR method. We diagnose your injury, manage its immediate symptoms with proven care methods, and rehabilitate you and your injury so that you can feel healthy again. Our DMR Clinic is free access, meaning we don’t require a referral from a doctor for you to come seek treatment with us.

If you’re looking for prompt, quality, and caring chiropractor and physical therapy care in Blaine, don’t hesitate to call us today!