When it comes to physical therapy, we at Blaine Health and Wellness know exactly the best methods and treatment plans to help you recover from something as simple as falling to more complex injuries or conditions. Physical therapy offers many beneficial attributes to help your mobility and become pain-free. We design our physical therapy treatment plans based on the individual, so you will have a treatment plan that is designed just for your needs.

Learn more wonderful benefits of physical therapy

Alleviate Pain

People who live with chronic pain suffer daily from its crippling effects. For some, it is a constant annoyance that takes them away from some of their favorite activities. Others have issues completing day to day tasks because the pain is so unbearable. One way you can combat chronic pain is having a specialized physical therapy treatment designed just for you. We can focus on using special treatments such as the DMR method and other practical physical therapy treatments to help restore mobility and complete functioning.

Bypass Surgery

Many individuals believe that may of their issues can be fixed with surgery. However, surgical procedures are much riskier and dangerous altogether. Also, the recovery time can be quite extensive. Receiving physical therapy may correct certain issues or conditions that may have needed a surgical procedure. And even if you do need surgery, completing a physical therapy program may help you become stronger, which will decrease your recovery time. Another huge benefit of physical therapy versus surgery is that your healthcare costs could be cut in half. Surgery is very expensive, even with health insurance. Physical therapy will save you time, pain, and money.

Increase Mobility

If you have trouble making basic movements such as standing, walking around, or even just moving to complete everyday tasks, you may want to consider a physical therapy treatment with us in Blaine. We can focus on strengthening your muscles one day at a time by implementing stretching exercises into your routine. That’s why every individual we treat at Blaine Health and Wellness has their own treatment plan designed to fulfill their specific needs.

Treat previous or Current Sport Injuries

Being a dancer or another high athletic profession leaves room for injuries quite often. Our physical therapists understand the toll and strain these activities take on the body. They can design a treatment program that is fit just for your athletic need. Having a specific therapist focusing in dance medicine also puts us above the rest in Blaine. Our team understands what the body needs to prevent and to heal dance related injuries.

Improve Balance

When starting a physical therapy program with us in Blaine, we will be able to perform a fall risk assessment. When you suffer from an injury, condition, or even just aging, you may have an increased ability to fall and severely hurt yourself. If your fall risk is high, we can incorporate in your physical therapy program exercises and activities to help restore your balance by challenging and strengthening it. Our main goal is to help you take control of your own life.


At Blaine Health and Wellness, we want to design the best treatment plan to meet your individual needs. Living with limited mobility, chronic pain, or an injury can be extremely frustrating for any individual. Physical therapy has many benefits and can prevent you from unnecessary surgery, pain, and health care costs. Our staff is caring, professional, and is here to help you succeed in living the life you want. Learn more about our physical therapy and dance therapy here and contact us to set up your consultation!