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Here at Blaine Health & Wellness we believe in offering solutions to help you reach your health goals faster.

It’s important to support the body in it’s own healing process by supplementing a healthy diet… but not all supplements are created equal! We have done our research and found a line we love ourselves and are confident you will love as well!

The entire nutraMetrix product line of advanced nutraceuticals is formulated using the latest research, cutting-edge ingredients, and industry-leading best practices. Many nutraMetrix nutraceuticals are available using the Isotonix delivery system, designed to maximize your body’s ability to operate at its highest capacity. Isotonix products have been carefully formulated to offer enhanced bioavailability. These isotonic formulations are more effective than standard formulas because they offer maximum delivery of actives into the bloodstream since they are formulated as a replica of your body’s own fluids, such as tears, sweat and plasma.

While many products may contain fillers and binders, potentially slowing down delivery of vital nutrients, Isotonix products are delivered without fillers and binders; meaning the stomach has very little work to do since the pH and tonicity are carefully designed to allow the stomach to quickly release all of the nutrients into the small intestine. With our nutraMetrix Isotonix formulas, this process takes about five minutes, whereas a standard vitamin tablet can take up to four hours.

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